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Three life long friends who have worked their whole lives to become the world’s best professional wrestlers are about to go their separate ways when a chance of a life time is presented from an unlikely source. Joe “Apollo ‘83” Dekeria the man from beyond the stars and the Tag Team of Mike “The Natural” Owen & Cody “The Destroyer” Sullivan better known as The Collateral Damage Crew, are approached by Arnold K. Dwarfman the former manager of their favorite former professional wrestler, 16 time World Champion turned entertainment mogul Dwight “The Cliff” Thompson. He offers them one last chance to be the stars they’ve always wanted to be. He says if they can win a spot in their respective divisions in the upcoming qualifiers for International All Stars Wrestling Extravaganza he will manage them and he promises he can make them champions on a scale far beyond that of their idol. After securing a spot in the Singles and Tag Team divisions, “The CDC” fight their way to the championships and take the belts. As promised Arnold tells them that now that they are World Champions he has an opportunity of a life time, he has entered them in the INTERGALACTIC WRESTLING FEDERATION’s invite only tournament of Champions.

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