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Nemesis from Millarworld

Once again Millarworld has opened up to the internet looking for thirteen creators to fill the 2017 Millarworld Annual. Mark Millar posted the open invite for all who wish to contribute. The lucky thirteen, six artists, six writers and one cover artist will be selected to add their vision to Mark Millar's ever expanding worlds.

This time around the characters available were "Kick-Ass & Hit-Girl," "Empress," "Nemesis," "Huck," "Supercrooks" and "Superior.".

So Cody decided he would give it another shot. This time he selected "Nemesis"

Check out his story below.


The First of Many

A Prequel to Nemesis Issue 1

A monitor buzzes to life, the image shows a large cannon mounted on the surface of the moon. With a silent boom the cannon fires, large amounts of dust plumes up from the surface of the moon as a projectile streak out of frame. Reaching forward, a white glove clicks a button and the monitor shuts off. Spinning in his chairs he says, “Let the games begin, boys I have 4 tasks that need to be taken care of. Sorry but the funniest of them is mine alone. The others need to be done tonight, so go my henchmen”. The 8 men turn and walk from the room. Nemesis turns back towards the desk, opening his laptop. On the screen is an email, he reviews the words on the screen.

“To Detective First Class Clinton Jones,

I invite you to die, in 4 days’ time. You will not see it coming. Before this, you will lose everything. Your wife, your career, your sanity and then your life.

Time of death June 7th. Mark your calendar. Rules for the game to come soon. P.S. - If you break the rules, there will be consequences.”

The afternoon of June 7th:

The door frame shatters inward as the car slams into the wall. Bullet holes tear open the passenger side of the car as the henchmen open fire on the detective’s car. An explosion erupts from the opposite wall sends shrapnel flying ripping apart 5 of the 8 henchmen as they lay waist to the intruder’s car. From around the side of the exploded wall Detective Clint Jones returns fire killing 2 of the remaining henchmen and wounding the last. Clint surveys the room for any hidden shooters. The room is clear. Clint approaches the wounded man; the henchman coughs up blood as he reaches for his dropped gun. Clint kicks it away,

Clint: I’ll make this quick if you tell me which hallway leads to your boss

The Henchman sneers up at him, beginning to speak, blood trickles from the corner of his mouth, with a croaking voice.

Chad: All... according... to plan...

A bloody cough rattles his whole body. As the coughing fits subsides,

Chad: Remember to stand on the ex...

More bloody coughs cut him off. Clint kicks the man in the gut, blood splatters his boot as the henchman recoils from the kick, he grabs at the gunshot wound. A speaker in the far corner of the room crackles to life.

Nemesis: That’s enough detective. Chad there seems to have had all he can handle. If you recall I told you exactly where to find me when you showed up to our final showdown,

Clint: Forgive me if I don’t take you on your word. You told me that you’d set her free if I gave you the passwords. I sent them and you had your man shoot her in the back.

Clint turns yelling into the smoldering ruins of the big room.

The voice of Nemesis echoes off the remainders of the room.

Nemesis: You tried to trick me, but the problem is that this is my game. I already knew the passwords. I warned you that if you failed to play by the rules, there would be consequences.

Clint: You monster!!!

Tears stream down Clint's face.

Nemesis: Did your wife have any clue you filed for divorce? Or did the bullet beat you to the punch?

Laughter fills the room as all the speakers crackle to life. Clint looks towards the speaker just above him and yells,

Clint: Let’s finish this!.

Nemesis: We are running out of time, hurry detective. I have a schedule to keep and killing you is my last choir to take care of before leaving town. It’s the second door on the right, well the only door on the right. Since you found it a necessity to blow up one of my walls. Oh and let's not forget driving your car through one.

Clint looks towards the remaining door and begins to run. As he approaches the door it swings open, Clint continues his run down the hallway. The door at the end of the long hallway swings open and Clint skids to a stop at the sight of Nemesis standing in the middle of the darkened room. Nemesis slowly claps illuminated by a column of sunlight pouring in from a skylight. Clint pulls his sidearm trying to take aim around ragged breathes. Firing 3 shots all of them missing Nemesis far to his right.

Nemesis: Would more light help you with your aim?

Gasping for air, Clint takes aim for another shot. Nemesis snaps his fingers and the overhead lights blaze to life, Clint cringes from the sudden brightness. The bullet ricochets off the ground in front Nemesis flying between his gleaming white boots punching a hole through Nemesis’ cape.

Nemesis: Well by my count, that’s all folks. If you were a better shot, those 13 bullets would've been put to better use.

Throwing his side arm directly at Nemesis and screaming, he rushes forward. In one fluid movement, Nemesis reaches out grasps the flying handgun out of mid air and spins into a kick. The shiny boot crashes into Clint's lead leg buckling him at the knee. He stumbles, trying to stay on his feet. Collapsing Clint lands on his face. Nemesis reaches down and plucks Clint up by the collar of his shirt. Bringing him to rest on his knees.

Nemesis: Before you start blathering some inane excuses.

Nemesis reaches down and shushing Clint with a finger to his lips.

Nemesis: Now I’d like to tell you a little story. Where shall I begin? Well, I guess from the beginning.. Of course from the beginning. So I was finalizing the last few checks on my Space Gun.

Nemesis slowly starts walking around the kneeling detective.

Nemesis: Well really it’s a moon gun, but that doesn’t sound nearly as cool as ‘Space Gun’, now does it?

Clint blows blood from his nose as he straightens up,

Clint: Get on with it, you smug bastard!

Acting as if slapped Nemesis reels back, overreacting to the words.

Nemesis: Oh, come now detective. Be patient, it’ll all be over soon. Like lightning from the hand of god!

Spinning around with a flourish, Nemesis plants his feet, looks over the top of Clint's head and throws his hands up fluttering his cape as if in a strong wind.

Nemesis: What a great name for the ‘Space Gun’, Zeus!

Preening with joy Nemesis, fixes his gaze back on the bleeding detective.

Nemesis: That’ll have to wait. I need to finish your story before your time comes. Where was I? Oh yes, the ‘Space Gun’. See I had this idea of mounting a gun on the moon. I then could use it to strike down any target I wished. Selling that skill to the highest bidder of course. But then the news broke in and showed me the sign. You my good detective. The man who brought justice to the liberty killer. Which by the way, is a ridiculous name. Just because he left quotes from the founding fathers on the bodies of his victims. Damn you, I keep getting off track.

Walking another lap around Clint, Nemesis returns to his place in the sunshine.

Nemesis: You are going to make the perfect test target for my newest toy. See the only problem is that it takes 4 days for the projectile to travel from the barrel of the gun to its intended target. So, I had to take the needed steps to lead you to the exact spot I marked. I give you a bunch of false crimes to solve that led you to me. I investigated your life and found that I just needed to string you along with my ruse of stealing precious art and jewels. You followed all the clues, a little too well.

Glancing past the detective to monitors on the wall.

Nemesis: You even gave me the passwords to the police secured lockup, plus the most valuable set of diamonds in town.

With a smile Nemesis turns towards Clint once again.

Nemesis: By the way, I had already stolen the diamonds. I’ll let you see them before you go. The hard part wasn’t destroying everything you had. The hard part was making you destroy everything you had. Your wife, that part wasn’t too difficult, really. You had that wrapped up perfectly enough without my help. Your career, with a little digging found that you also made that easy too. Your sanity, now that one was a real challenge.

Nemesis pulls an envelope out from behind his back and slides several pictures from within. He walks up to Clint fans the pictures out,

Nemesis: You were never the cop they all thought you were. You took bribes, you faked evidence and worst of all you did it all to further your career to make your father proud. Well sending your dear old man, his honor the Mayor, these pictures and negatives took care of your career and sanity in one fell swoop.

Tossing the photos into Clint’s bleeding face. Nemesis slowly makes his way back to his place in the sun.

Nemesis: I originally thought you worthy of my talents. Turns out you were just a ticking time bomb of self-destruction. I am simply the finger pressing the ignition switch. Best part, dear old dad is at this moment covering it all up. So, when they find your body, here dead. The world will mourn you as a hero that was slain by the world’s most terrifying super villain. You’re lucky really, you’re just the first on my list. But thanks to you I will vet my future targets better. So, they are truly worthy of my intellect and deserve what they get. Now to the end of my story, well the end of your story that is

With a frown on his face, Nemesis looks down at the 'X' on the ground mere inches in front of Clint.

Nemesis:. My man Chad told you to stand on the ex. Well get to your feet, you wouldn’t want to let good old Chad down do you?

Clint leans back, spits blood from his mouth and yells.

Clint: Fuck you and fuck Chad!

Nemesis stops in front of Clint, the smile returning to his face.

Nemesis: Ok let’s be civil here. You lost. No need to be rude. Even to Chad, who by the way is not really my friend. Tell you the truth I think he’s a real dirt bag. Didn’t really like him at all, He gets results.

Pointing at Clint, Nemesis looks down at the 'X'.

Nemesis: Now since you don’t want to play along, I’ll spice things up for you. I’ll give you another chance to stop me.

Pulling a gun from the holster on his back, Nemesis flips it in the air and catches it by the barrel.

Nemesis: I’ll give you free shot.

Clint looks up at Nemesis with a look of disbelief on his face. Nemesis looks at Clint with a huge smile.

Nemesis: What? You don’t believe me? Oh, you don't think it’s loaded? Well, look.

Ejecting the magazine, Nemesis shows Clint that indeed it is fully loaded. Slipping the magazine back into the gun, he pulls back slightly on the slide just enough to show that there is a round already chambered.

Nemesis: Now to be fully transparent.

Nemesis checks the time on his watch. He points the gun back over his shoulder and fires off a round. Flames spit from a hole in the middle of a large monitor hanging on the wall.

Nemesis: As you can plainly see, no lies. Now there's six more where that came from. That's six armor piercing incendiary rounds. If you agree to stand up and face me one last time in the next 3 minutes. I will hand you this gun and let you have one last shot at me. Get it shot? Sorry, I’m not great at the whole fun with puns bit. Now do we have a deal?

Nemesis again gripping the gun by the barrel, extends his arm towards Clint. Clint leans forward making an attempt at the gun. Nemesis pulls it away, wagging his finger in the air.

Nemesis: The deal is you stand and I give you your shot. That’s not you standing. Get up and it’s all yours.

Clint struggles to get one foot under himself. Which brings back that shark-like smile.

Nemesis: One minute to make it onto both feet and this right here is all yours.

Clint pulls himself to his feet like a possessed marionette puppet and reaches out for the gun. With gritted teeth his words are a slur.

Clint: Give me the damn gun.

Nemesis: Nicely done sir, with 23 seconds to spare.

Nemesis places the gun into Clint’s shaky hand. Standing up straight Clint faces Nemesis with the gun down at his side.

Nemesis: Now take you your time and make the shot count, dete...

Click after click cuts him off, as Clint hammers the trigger with not a single shot fired. Nemesis snatches the pistol from Clint’s hand,

Nemesis: Safety first Detective. Always check the safety. That’s how accidents happen.

Clint: You said I’d get one last shot.

Now standing rigged and visibly upset. Clint glares at Nemesis, blood spurting with every word.

Clint: You lied!

Nemesis: No, I did not. Is it my fault that you don’t know how guns work?

Looking at his watch, Nemesis beams with excitement.

Nemesis: Speaking of guns!

Nemesis excitedly looks Clint dead in the eyes,

Nemesis: Remember that ‘Space Gun’ I was talking about earlier? Guess what is about to happ...

The words are cut off by a cacophony, as glass rains down from the skylight and a large ragged hole opens in Clint’s torso, blood sprays all over Nemesis’ immaculately white outfit. A basketball sized hole explodes with chucks of concrete just behind Clint. Clint crumples backwards over the hole.

Nemesis: Fuck! Look what you did? Look at me?! Do you know what you just did?

Nemesis glares down furiously at Clint.

Nemesis: You son of a bitch! You got me monologuing long enough, I missed my chance to set it up. I had it all planned out. But you just couldn’t stand the fuck up. It’s okay, this is just a test run. Enjoy dying, you fuck!

Nemesis turns away as Clint coughs a volcano of blood all over his face, neck and chest. Nemesis appears above him smiling.

Nemesis: Sorry about that. That was undignified of me. Calling you names as you lie there dying. I made you another promise, and I want to be a man of my word. Next time I’ll pin point the moment of death, hopefully that will help me focus on the time crunch, I really want to be punctual

Nemesis he reaches behind his back once again and produces a purple velvet pouch.

Nemesis: I promised you’d see the diamonds before you died. I am a man of my word you know. Here they are!

Unlacing the pouch and upending it, Nemesis dumps out 12 large diamonds. As the shimmering diamonds rain down on the bleeding body of Clint. Nemesis turns as he starts walking away. Looking back partly over his left shoulder.

Nemesis: I hope your father and his men can scrape enough of you up to fill a cuff...

The words being cut off again by a the hammering sound of 30 more rounds smashing through the roof and decimating the body of former Detective Clinton Jones. Spinning around with a look of disgust on his face.

Nemesis: Timing, it’s the goddamned timing. That’ll need some work.


Once agin Cody's story was not picked, this time he knew why. It was too long.

Nemesis written by Mark Millar with art by Steve McNiven

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