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Chrononauts from Millarworld

In 2015 Mark Millar announced Millarworld is taking submissions for their first "Millarworld Annual". As part of this thirteen winners would be selected, six artists, six writers and one cover artist. The thirteen winners would then be featured in the 2016 Millarworld Annual with new stories based on several of Mark Millar's characters. Among theses are Kick-Ass, Hit-Girl, Starlight, Kingsman, American Jesus and Chrononauts.

Cody decided he would submit a story in hopes of getting selected to be part of the lucky few.

Being a big fan Mark Millar's many stories, he reread all six titles and after thinking for a few weeks came up with a fun little adventure for one of his favorites, CHRONONAUTS.

If you would like to read his story here it is...


The Chrononauts Meet Tesla

This takes place during issue #2 of Chrononauts after Danny joins up with Corbin and they’re on their adventures through time.

Page One

1/ Opening on the interior of Corbin’s vault in Samarkand, 1504. Danny and Corbin are sitting around playing games on electronic tablets, smoking cigars. Corbin looks up to see Danny looking around the room at all the TVs and other electronics. There are 4 TV’s hanging on the wall across from Danny and Corbin. Sports, Action Movies and a cooking show are on the different screens. A large stereo and several speakers are all around the room, some are mounted on the walls with some sitting on pedestals and two very large speakers on either side of the TV array.

Corbin: Well Danny Boy, what do you think so far?

Danny: The only thing I can’t figure out is how you are able to power all of this in a time way

before electricity?

Corbin: Excellent question! I had some help from a dear friend and business partner.

2/ Danny sits up with a puzzled look on his face.


3/ Starring at Corbin in silent questioning. He takes another look around the room.

Corbin: Actually he’s a role model of yours.

4/ Danny looks sharply at Corbin with a shocked but excited look.

Danny: TESLA!!!

Page Two

1/ Wide shot of Corbin and Danny riding in a brand new 1893 style Tesla powered car. Under the front of the car, small arcs of electricity jump back and forth from two tesla coils, with wires running out of them into the motor of the vehicle. The car caring the two men bursts out of a time portal onto the snowy streets of Colorado Springs, Colorado. The date is Monday April 3, 1893.

Corbin: Do you know what today is?

Danny: I don’t care. I’m about to meet Nikola Tesla! This will be worth all the trouble we're already in, just to shake his hand.

2/ Closeup on Corbin and Danny sitting in the front seat of the Tesla car. Corbin is driving, while Danny looks about excitedly. Corbin looks slightly towards Danny.

Corbin: I’ll do one better. We’re going to be onstage with him when he announces his new wireless communication technology.

3/ Danny’s face goes pale. He turns to see Corbin with a huge smile across his face.

Page Three

1/ Wide shot of the interior of Tesla’s laboratory. Work benches are crammed with tons of miniature Tesla coils and other boxes with flashing lights. Danny is starring with shocked surprise as Nikola Tesla turns to greet the two men as they enter the workshop. Tesla is on the far right of the panel holding a plug as he turns towards Corbin and Danny as they enter the room from the left through an opening door.

Nikola: Quinn my friend! You’re early, as usual. Oh, who is this gentleman?

Corbin: Nikola, great to see you on the morning of such a stupendous day as this.

2/ All three of the men meet in the center of the room. Nikola reaches out to shake Corbin’s hand with both of his. Danny’s face has nothing but a smile and rosy cheeks.

Corbin: Remember the gentleman I was telling you about that can help you solve your size problem?

Nikola: Oh yes, the famous Dr. Reilly! So nice to final make your acquaintance.

3/ Danny reaches in for a handshake but is greeted with a full hug from Nikola.

Nikola: Finally the man that is going to help me make history.

4/ Closeup of Danny’s face with his chin resting on Nikola’s shoulder. Still in the full embrace of the hug. Looking towards Corbin, Danny whispers.

Danny: (Whispers) Thank you.

Page Four

1/ This panel takes up most of the page, roughly 4/5 of the page. Standing on stage, on either side of Nikola, Danny on the his right and Corbin on his left. Cameras click, flash bulbs and flash power erupt bathing all three men in light from several angles. Danny has his arms raised, extending his index fingers pointing to the sky. Corbin stands clapping his hands and smiling sheepishly.

Nikola: With the help of my dear friends and partners, Dr. Daniel Reilly and Dr. Corbin Quinn. Just in time to debut at The World’s Fair in Chicago next month. We are proud to announce the first ever Wireless Communication Device. We call them the “TESLA RQ”.

2/ In a long panel we see 2 walkie talkies leaning up against each other on the top a table. Camera flash lighting flooding over them from different angles. The design of the walkie talkies look like the batteries on the chromo-suits. The words “TESLA RQ” imprinted into the metal on the front of each of them.


If you were wondering, this was not selected. But there was always next year.

Chrononauts Issue 2 written by Mark Millar with art by Sean Murphy

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