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Episode 21: SDCC Special Edition with the Creative Force behind Death Betty, RYAN WINN!

On this weeks episode Cody fly's solo at San Diego Comic-Con International. While there he scored a sit down with the one and only RYAN WINN. Ryan is the guy who ferociously scribbles and inks his creator owned book Death Betty. As you'll learn there is a few others that have helped him with this book, like the dazed word guy Adam Jackman, Jean-Francois Beaulieu who garishly colored the "life" into the pages and Joshua Cozine who feverishly lettered and painstakingly edited the "hell" out of this masterpiece. So join in and listen as Ryan tells of his rise to fame inside the comic book industry.

For more info on Ryan's book Death Betty here are all the links and places to get it:

Buy Death Betty Issues on AMAZON and ComiXology


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