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Comes Naturally Podcast

Pulp Culture Podcast

We are 3 friends that love Comic books, Books, Movies, TV shows and Video Games, Each week we get together and talk about everything from News rumors to shows and movies we have just seen. We occasionally have Special guest that join in on the conversation. Whatever happens during the conversation, it all Comes Naturally.

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Episode 86: The Schumacher-verse

This week it's all about rumors and trailers. The guys talk Star Wars, Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman. ENJOY!!!

Episode 85: OutATime

Great Scott! To celebrate Back to the Future Day, the guys played a little game of Top 5. This week's list is Top 5 Time Travel Movies....

Episode 84: The Early Nerd Years

This week the guys talk about the nerdiest thing possible, Table Top Games. From Dungeons and Dragons to the complexity of Magic The...

Episode 81: Top 10 Movies of 2015, so far...

This weeks episode is all about the top 10 movies of 2015, well the ones we've seen. It's a tradition that we started last year. The guys...

Episode 79: The Problem with Stand-up Comedy

The guys hit a variety of topics on this weeks episode. Plus a hint at a very special Halloween event. They also share a little about the...

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