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Comes Naturally Podcast

Pulp Culture Podcast

We are 3 friends that love Comic books, Books, Movies, TV shows and Video Games, Each week we get together and talk about everything from News rumors to shows and movies we have just seen. We occasionally have Special guest that join in on the conversation. Whatever happens during the conversation, it all Comes Naturally.

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Episode 48: The Arnold Schwarzenegger Episode

The guys run down their favorite Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. Then they get into some upcoming news and rumors. ENJOY!!!

Episode 47: The Secret Origin of Ken Brown!

On a very special episode the guys recorded from the best comic book store ever, Drawn to Comics in Glendale Arizona. They are joined by...

Episode 46: Would You Rather...?

On this weeks brand new episode the guys go deep into some real life philosophical dilemmas. Then they go right back to their regular...

Episode 45: This Means WAR!!!

The Battle lines have been drawn, prepare yourself for a full frontal assault. The guys run down their favorite war movies of all time,...

Episode 44: Wait...What?

On this weeks episode the guys play another fun game, this time around the sky is the limit. The guys are joined this weeks by Joe's baby...

Episode 43: Lethal Casting

On this weeks episode the guys go over their Dana Carvey homework and then have some fun with a little Dream Casting. Because Mike...

Episode 42: Too Fast to Star Trek

On this weeks all new episode the guys go over theri Christmas assignments and talk about the disastrous turn of the Star Trek franchise....

Episode 39: The Age of Terminated Suicide Squad

On this weeks all new episode the guys talk about the most recent trailers for all the geeky goodness that is happening next year. And...

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