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Comes Naturally Podcast

Pulp Culture Podcast

We are 3 friends that love Comic books, Books, Movies, TV shows and Video Games, Each week we get together and talk about everything from News rumors to shows and movies we have just seen. We occasionally have Special guest that join in on the conversation. Whatever happens during the conversation, it all Comes Naturally.

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Episode 95: Favorite Robert Downey Jr. Movies

We start the new year with a favorites. This time around it's Robert Downey Jr.. Plus the return of The Munger! ENJOY!!!

Episode 94: The Spoilers Awaken

Well the time has finally come. With Star Wars: The Force Awakens in theaters for a week now, the guys get together to talk all about it....

Episode 93: The End of the Beginning

With The Force Awakens hitting theaters everywhere today, the guys finish up their marathon with Episode 6 Return of the Jedi. As...

Episode 92: The Biggest Surprise in Movie History!

This week we continue our marathon with Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. With a the newest movie in the Star Wars Cinematic...

Episode 91: Now for the real Space Opera

We are just 2 weeks away from The Force Awakens hitting theaters. So Cody is joined by Clint to talk all about the beginning. It's time...

Episode 90: Interstellar Disguise

An age old debate rages on, how the hell does a building full of reporters never noticed that Clark Kent looks exactly like Superman....

Episode 89: The Best of the Worst

On this weeks episode the guys finish the newest trilogy in the Star Wars saga. Next week it's onto the Original Trilogy. ENJOY!!!

Chrononauts from Millarworld

In 2015 Mark Millar announced Millarworld is taking submissions for their first "Millarworld Annual". As part of this thirteen winners...

Episode 88: The Ballad of Vader

The journey towards The Force Awakens continues on this weeks all new episode. The guys sit down and "enjoy" Star Wars Episode II: Attack...

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