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Comes Naturally Podcast

Pulp Culture Podcast

We are 3 friends that love Comic books, Books, Movies, TV shows and Video Games, Each week we get together and talk about everything from News rumors to shows and movies we have just seen. We occasionally have Special guest that join in on the conversation. Whatever happens during the conversation, it all Comes Naturally.

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Episode 457: Violent Night 2: Violent Harder

On this week's episode the guys are talking about some recent comic book announcements including the state of MillerWorld and Netflix....

Episode 456: A Year in Review 22

On this week's episode the guys are looking the Year in Review from their Apple Music and then some news about the Fallout tv show from...

Episode 455: Exploring the Friend Pound

On this week's episode the guys are joined by Taj and a discussion of what it would be like to win the lottery popped up and dominated...

Episode 453: Gunn's Decree

On this week's episode the guys are talking about James Gunn's open letter to DCU fans about the planned future and how he views the...

Episode 452: Apple Watch Storage Woes

On this week's episode Cody goes on a little rant about his recent woes with his Apple Watch and then the guys talk She-Hulk Attorney at...

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